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visit to gulongzhong in winter


visit to gulongzhong in winter



in xiangyang, hubei, zhuge liang memorial hall in gulongzhong, zhuge liang's statue in white snow


i waited for a whole winter, and it snowed finally in the year of the horse after the beginning of spring.


at the first night before i went to bed, i deliberately set the alarm clock at six o 'clock.


after the beginning of spring, the snow on the ground did not stay long. as temperatures rose, the snow would generally melt at noon.


it was about 14-15 km far from the downtown to gulongzhong.therefore, in order to take the pictures of snow that no one trampled, i must get up early before tourists flock to arrive.


i photographed the snow in gulongzhong two years was more and more difficult to expect the snow now.


"there is ceaseless sound in the place where the dragon order to amaze the world, he would go there even his wings were broken".  in a heavy snowy day, i was the first person who entered gulongzhong.when i went through longzhong memorial archway, gonggengdi, xiaohong bridge and wolongchu, etc. my mind was filled with the scene that liu bei went to the thatched cottage for many times and talked with zhuge liang who boiled wine in longzhong.


in 207, in order to revitalize the imperial family of the han dynasty, liu bei went to the thatched cottage for three times to seek the national strategies.zhuge liang admired the benevolence of liu bei to visit him for three times, and assisted liu bei to establish the undertaking of imperial reign of the han dynasty in sichuan.


luo guanzhong recorded in the 37th chapter of three kingdoms as follows,"zhuge liang was a sage in the current age, so we should recruit he rode his horse to pay a visit to zhuge liang again.guan yu and zhang fei also drove their horses to follow was the middle of winter then, and it was cold and cloudy.when they traveled for a few miles, they encountered strong wind and heavy snow.mountains resembled jade clustered and forests seemed silver-clad......"



after transformation of the scenic area, the gate of longzhong had been moved to the southern gate of hubei university of arts and science.



the memorial archway in gulongzhon was taken down and nearly relocated during transformation. the memorial archway in gulongzhong was established in 1893, and it was a landmark in longzhong. the stele in the middle of the memorial archway was engraved with "indifference to fame and wealth and pursuit of a quiet life". this sentence originated from zhuge liang's literature of warning the generations.


石牌坊高约六米,长约十米,其建造材料为青石开榫组装而成,依外观形式为柱不出头有楼,四柱三牌楼式,为清光绪十九年(公元1893年)湖北提督程文炳所建。the stone memorial archway of gulongzhong was about 6 meters in height and about 10 meters in length. it was made by tenoning bluestone. its columns were not exposed and it contained four columns and three openings. it was built by cheng wenbing who was the provincial commander-in-chief in hubei in 1893.


the stele at the back of the memorial archway was engraved with "san dai xia yi ren". the author was chen weizhou who was the envoy of military defense in yunjing, anxiang in the qing dynasty. the character of zhenxiong in this horizontal inscribed board referred to a place under the  jurisdiction of yunnan. the latter characters were self-depreciatory expression which meant junior students."san dai xia yi ren" referred to the greatest person since the xia, shang and zhou dynasties.



the gatepost was engraved with "bo zhong zhi jian jian yi lv,zhi hui ruo ding shi xiao cao"this poem was selected from the fifth part of five odes to historical sites written by du fu when he went to fengjie in sichuan in 766.this poem praised that zhuge liang's military expertise paralleled yi yin (assistant courtier in the shang dynasty) and lv shang ( the ancestor of the qi state in the zhou dyansty, who was also called master keung), and he commanded the troops calmly, and xiao he (the first courtier in the western han dynasty) and cao can (a courtier in the western dynasty, who was a chancellor in qi state and succeeded xiao he to become a courtier of emperor hui in han dynasty) could not overtake him.



after the memorial archway, the previous lotus pond became a pool. the snow fell on the ice and melted into the water instantly. the pool was linked with gonggengtian in a distance.



in the past midsummer, i often photographed lotus here, but i did not know whether i could still photograph it here this year.



xiaohong bridge against winter plums. as regards xiaohong bridge, luo guanzhong depicted it in three kingdoms thatwhen liu bei paid a visit to zhuge liang in longzhong for the second time in a snowy day, he met huang chengyan who was zhuge liang's father-in-law in the bridge.then the sight stirred up huang chengyan's feelings and he got excited, so he composed a poem,"cross the bridge by a donkey, sigh that the winter plum is lean"as this interesting event took place in xiaohong bridge, and it is the entrance when zhuge liang lived in longzhong, xiaohong bridge had become a scenic spot of the historical sites of zhuge liang in longzhong and cherished by the generations.



in the second year of hongzhi in the ming dynasty, monk dayun who was the abbot of guangde temple once raised donations to repair this bridge. stele of building xiaohong bridge described the current xiaohangqiao as follows, "a shadow is cast in the sky after a rain,  the earth shows its true appearance when the clouds disperse, the water flows along a half-moon creek, people walk on a bridge like a dragon. afterwards, xiaogongqiao got ruined and became a bluestone bridge.



baoxi pavilion stood still on a hill.zhuge liang often sat to read books in longzhong, so the rock where he often sat was called "baoxi rock".the current baoxi pavilion was rebuilt by cheng wenbing between 1888 and 1893.cheng wenbing said in inscriptional record of baoxichu thatmore than one hundred steps in the southwest of zhuge liang memorial hall, there was a high hill which was about 30 meters was in length and breadth. it inclined from the rear mountain until the place where energy was concentrated,....... a pavilion was built on it, which was about 13 meters in height and 23 meters in breadth.”



the pavilion stood in a bush. it was hexagon with three eaves and three stories. its cornice bent upwards, and it was tall and graceful. there was a wooden ladder in the pavilion for ascending to admire the landscape. it would be specially interesting. a stele inscribed with baoxichu stood in the front of the pavilion. it was said that it was written by zhang yuzhao, a famous calligrapher.



there was a large turtle-based stele inscribed with cao lu in the back of baoxi pavilion, which was sculpted in 1540.


 明嘉靖十九年(1540年),隆中立草庐碑,当时的著名书法家江汇题字,正面书草庐,背面题龙卧处。碑高大雄伟,龟昂首负重,即古朴又富有生趣。in 1540, the stele inscribed with cao lu was erected in longzhong. it was inscribed with cao lu in the front and long wo chu in the back by the famous calligrapher jiang hui.this stele was tall and majestic. the turtle raised its head and bore the burden on it.



"there was ceaseless sound in order to amaze the nature, i would go there even i was injured"


along the stone steps, sangu hall and zhuge liang memorial hall were distributed side by side. sangu hall was built in 1720, which was a memorial hall where liu bei visited the thatched cottage for many times and discussed with zhuge liang in longzhong. it was said the ancient cypress used to tie the horse when liu bei visited the thatched cottage for three times still stood in the front of the gate. in the hall, there were many gold horizontal inscribed boards and ancient stele, which had high historical research value and calligraphic and artistic research values.



sangu hall in wind and snow. if there was no story that liu bei visited the thatched cottage and discussed with zhuge liang, there would be no records of the three kingdoms. records of the three kingdoms by chen shou featured succinct words and subtle textual design. the conservation between zhuge liang and liu bei in longzhong was so succinct that no word could be omitted. but the process that liu bei visited the thatched cottage for many times was depicted with only a few words that zhuge liang saw him when he visited zhuge liang at the second time.



at first, for the original meaning of chen shou, luo guanzhong believed that these words meant that liu bei visited the thatched cottage for three times in total and zhuge liang meets him at the third time, and he composed the 37th chapter with more than 7000 characters in total in three kingdoms. he vividly depicted many roles associated with zhuge liang.



however, yi zhongtian disagreed with luo guanzhong's idea. in the 250th page of the 16th chapter in the first volume of appreciation of the three kingdoms, he translated these words into meeting him when he visited the thatched cottage for three times in total.



this made the story of visiting the thatched cottage for three times in total a puzzle. did zhuge liang meet him for three times or at the third time? when we guessed, mr yi said that if this idea was not clear, we could take the idea of the persons in the tang dynasty for reference. du fu wrote a poem that liu bei frequently visited the thatched cottage for three times for national strategy. zhou ruchang explained that the word of frequently meant many times.....the phrase of three times was not a notional reference. it did not mean that he visited the thatched cottage for three times. he might visit it for many times. it seemed that no one could explain this everlasting puzzle. how many times did liu bei visit the thatched cottage? how many times did zhuge liang meet him?as mr yi explained more, we were more puzzled.


zhuge liang memorial hall which was still being repaired. in august, 234, zhuge liang died for illness in wuzhangyuan when he was 54 years old. zhuge liang was the prime minister in the kingdom of shu, who won the title of wuxianghou (wuxiang refers to wuxiang town in hanzhong city), and he was called zhongwuhou by liuchan after his death. so his temple was called wuhou memorial hall in the history.the earliest zhuge liang memorial hall in china was located in mian couty in hanzhong of shaanxi province. besides the famous zhuge liang memorial halls in gulongzhong, xiangfan and mian county in shaanxi, there were also zhuge liang memorial halls in chengdu, nanyang, baidi city, fengjie, chongqing, baoshan in yunnan and li county in gansu, etc.


longzhong academy.according to records of xiangyang, longzhong academy was located in longzhong mountain which was 15 km in the west of longzhong. it was built in the yuan dynasty for memory. it was said that longzhong academy was built in the period of zhizheng, but its evidence was unknown. in the period of chenghua in the ming dynasty, when wu huan investigated jingnan and rebuilt the former residence of zhuge liang, he wrote a record of longzhong academy, but he did not mention the issue of instructions. it was ruined later. the current academy was rebuilt in 1987, which included jingli hall, zhiyuan hall, gulongzhong exhibition hall, etc.


when i walked into this academy, a gust of wind blew and the snow flew.



in the academy, a winter pulm bloomed separately.



along the shady avenue, i passed the thatched cottage and walked towards old dragon cave.



tenglong pavilion below the top of longzhong mountain.


old dragon cave was the water source when zhuge liang irrigated the farmland in longzhong. wu shou wrote a poem that the spring was deep and the cave had a long history, and an old dragon sometimes slept here. the gate hid the stones and the cave benefited the farmland. there was grassland along the creek and uanea longissima was hung on trees. i found the hero and saw his exemplary conduct and nobility of character."



in the inverted reflection in a pool, the snow and tree shade formed a delightful contrast.


in the road of returning, i accidentally met one  little kingfisher bathing in snow.



i waited for a few minutes and i expected the moment when it spread its wings and flew. it was a pity that i was not specialized in shooting birds because my camera was n

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