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stone archway

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stone archway is the landmark building of longzhong and was built in the 19th guang xu year of qing dynasty, a wood-like structure, a four-column three-door building around 6 meters high and 10 meters wide. the stele in the middle of the archway is engraved “古隆中” (gulongzhong) and famous quotations of “live a simple life, showing your true goal in life” and “still waters run deep” in big fonts. as an ancient book recorded, there is a mountain west of xiangyang city, towering with a bending back in the middle, named longzhong mountain. the origin of longzhong is that longzhong got its name from longzhong mountain, and longzhong mountain got its name from a wise man”. this wise man is zhuge liang, who added the anima to longzhong mountain.